Located on the Sablon, at the very heart of Brussels, our shop has been creating and reinventing elegant and refined interiors for over 20 years. From curtains, drapes and blinds to period or contemporary sofas and armchairs, we transform your universe into a gracious and harmonious living space.

Our mission

To decorate your interior to make it unique, beautiful and pleasant to live in. To employ the excellence and technical precision of our ateliers at every step in the production of your blinds, curtains, cushions, bedspreads, armchairs and sofas.
To cultivate craftsmanship in upholstery and carpeting.

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Who are we?

A team that is passionate about the art of living, textiles and interiors.
Sandrine Heregots tours the globe in search of motifs and inspiration. International trade fairs and cultural exhibitions are essential sources for tasteful and harmonious matching of materials and colours. Decorators from the worlds of both classic interior design and set design offer an eclectic mix of cultural flavours. The highly experienced craftspeople in our ateliers are passionate about their profession. Handwork and the expertise demanded by the wide variety of materials are their key skills.